Out of shape, out of work, living with my parents. Something has to be done

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I was introduced to Alex by my friend and RTT coach Selina, she told me about this young man in London who is interested in personal development and that he might want to get some work experience.

When I met Alex I soon learned why he was interested in personal development, he said that he was struggling with keeping himself motivated. I asked him about his current situation and where he would like to see himself. Alex is a graduate, living at home, not doing sports any more, gained weight, single, plays computer games and sends out some job applications. I wanted to help him so badly as the picture of a young graduate being '“ out of shape, out of work, living with my parents” was painful.

So I made him an offer, I will coach him for free if he goes to the gym that week and trains at least twice….and he did. We have since started the coaching and we wanted to create value for you the reader and share this journey with you..

Weekly posts from Alex’s journey here and on Alex’s blog

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