It was time to change...


After a 2-3-year period of zero exercise, it was time to change. With the guidance and encouragement from Edson, I will be documenting every session I have in the gym noting down all the exercises, weights (if applicable), sets and reps. Any gaps will be explained and hopefully there will be a positive transition in this journal.

This was my first session in over 2 years. I felt nervous walking up to the gym as I knew it would be a completely different environment to the gym I was used to during University. When I got there, it did feel weird and slightly uncomfortable since I wasn’t used to the environment yet. Since I was quite nervous and wasn’t sure what to do, I went looking for the quietest exercise which happened to be cardio as the cardio room was empty. I slowly got into the zone and moved into the weights room. I purposely chose a time when it would be the least busy, just so I would feel more comfortable and less likely to be judged by others (In retrospect it was a gym environment, everyone is there to work hard and to improve so the nerves seemed foolish to me now). I had the idea to work on everything so I can ease myself into it. Instead, I ended up doing my upper body and similar weights to when I went to the gym at University without realising the consequences. I would choose to do at least 10 reps to ensure that I would be feeling the pain towards the end. I completely forgot that I hadn’t been in over 2 years and muscle DOMS, so over the next week my upper body was shattered. However, I felt amazing, the excitement of exercise came back to me as it helped make my day more productive. I was eager to go again.

Here is the list of Exercises, weights and reps I did:

15min cycle

1000m rowing machine – 4:34

Shoulder press machine – 40kg – 10/ 45kg – 10/ 50kg – 10/ 40kg – 10/ 40kg - 10

Standing back row – 45kg – 10/ 50kg – 10/ 55kg – 10/ 60kg – 10, 10

Bicep curl machine – 4 x 8-10

Triceps pull down – 45kg – 10/ 50kg – 10/ 55kg – 10/ 60kg - 10

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