90 Pullups for Breakfast

Who would have thought this idea I had a year ago would lead to me doing 90 pull-ups in the span of 30 mins?!

The idea of consistent action and or increments and looking at what you can achieve in ten years. I started with 12 pull-ups every day and increased that by one every two months and so on. I didn’t succeed in doing 12 every day but I kept it going and I recently got to doing 18 pull-ups. So how did I ended up doing 90 pull-ups this morning? Last May, at our coaches retreat with fellow coaches Selina and Mike, I shared my desire for more play in my life and how I am inspired by my daughter who has no inhibitions and expresses herself everywhere. The world is our playground, so on our way to school we scout for scaffolding and use them for pull-ups. I do 18 at the first location next 14, next 16 and on the way back 14, 18, 10.

Consistency and Increments

Edson WilliamsComment